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InGen Carnivore Profile:


Name Meaning: Heavy Claw

Nickname: Bary

Timeline: Early Cretaceous (130-125 mya)

Diet: Piscivore/Carnivore

Family: Spinosauridae, Baryonichinae, Megalosauroidea

Length:  33 feet long

Height: 8.2 feet tall

Weight:  1.2 tons

Range: Isla Sorna


This fish eating theropod is among the most unique of the island's meat eating dinosaurs. They catch fish like bears and swim like crocodiles, which comes in handy when swimming upstream in search of land based prey. Baryonyx is truly a sight to behold for observers who study it's wild lifestyle.


Baryonyx can be found living near the shallow waters of the North based Marshes, staying out of the deeper water where it's bigger cousin Spinosaurus lives and hunts. However, in the mating season, males and females pair together inside coastal caves where they stay until the season ends. After mating, females build their nests near lakes around the dense jungles and keep watch over the eggs while their mates provide food and extra protection.


Baryonyx are relatively solitary animals, with males fighting each other for the best hunting grounds where fish are more abundant. The fights are never truly brutal as they only use threat displays and loud roars to intimidate each other, along with occasional face bites. Both males and females are highly aggressive towards other carnivores in their territory, especially when their offspring are present. The parents care for their young until they come of age, at which point the adults leave them on their own. They will even sometimes chase off observers who wander too close for their comfort.


Baryonyx is a specialist whose diet consists mainly of fish. As such, they wait patiently near the edge of the Marsh's shallow waters, watching for unsuspecting fish to swim by. Once in position, Baryonyx reaches it's head down to snatch one up in it's jaws, using it's conical teeth to grip the fish firmly, followed by dropping it on the ground and cutting into it with it's large and powerful claws before proceeding to feast.

Despite this preferred method of hunting, Baryonyx has more recently also become adapted to hunting other dinosaurs by utilizing an attack strategy reminiscent of today's modern predators, crocodiles. When targeting dinosaurs, Baryonyx will swim upstream through rivers where herbivores gather to drink. It will then silently wait for an herbivore to come down close to the water. With perfect timing, Baryonyx would then launch headfirst out of the water, gripping it's prey around the neck and using it's claws to viciously rip into the herbivore's flesh before letting go, waiting for it to die from blood loss and exhaustion. Dinosaurs that Baryonyx goes for include Corythosaurus, Maiasaura, Ouranosaurus, Camptosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Iguanodon, Tenontosaurus and Brachylophosaurus.

When travelling inland during dry seasons, Baryonyx will actively seek out carrion to supplement their diet.

Interspecific Competition

 Up in the Marshes, Baryonyx is shown to be sympatric with it's more dangerous cousin, Spinosaurus. Competition between the two theropod species has been surprisingly minimal, due in part to them occupying different parts of their habitat. Spinosaurus focuses on hunting for fish in the deep waters while Baryonyx sticks to hunting in shallow water. It has been theorized through research that Baryonyx avoids competing with Spinosaurus by choosing a specific location, thus allowing them to coexist. But more recently, shocking reports of Spinosaurus and Baryonyx actively attacking each other have started becoming frequent. According to some reports, Spinosaurs are known to kill young Baryonyx, which would explain the immense aggression that is displayed towards Spinosaurs by the adults.

In general, Baryonyx rarely competes with any other carnivores due in part to it's preferred environment and niche. But in dry seasons, Baryonyx will be forced into direct competition with other predators for access to inland carrion. Such competition includes tyrannosaurs, carnosaurs, raptors and megalosaurs.

Presenting, the European spinosaurid known as Baryonyx. I figured this theropod would definitely deserve some much needed attention. Spinosaurs often get ignored nowadays, I wish people would give them a chance.

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