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Hey fellow members, MegaSpinosaur here. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not updating some of the stories my watchers have been waiting on. But rest assured, they aren't discontinued and will still be updated, I've just been busy working at my job. I promise I will keep these stories going.

Also, in addition I've also been in the process of planning out a new Jurassic Park fan fiction series which I styled like a kind of written documentary. In short, each story I write will center on specific subjects regarding the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that I plan to include.

Here's the stories:

Jurassic Park Origins

Jurassic Park: The Story of Bruiser-  This documentary story follows the life and exploits of a single Allosaurus named Bruiser. Raised among a family of Acrocanthosaurus, Bruiser must learn how to adapt as he matures from a young newborn hatchling into a full fledged and experienced hunter, facing off against competitive rivals and deadly enemies, including a bloodthirsty Carcharodontosaurus named Axel.

Jurassic Park: The Story of Seth- After seeing his mother get murdered by Axel before his eyes, a Ceratosaurus named Seth (formerly named Sid) and his two brothers are forced to hunt and fend for themselves in the wilds of Isla Sorna, struggling to survive against whatever challenge that comes at them.

Jurassic Park: The Story of Dash- Info Coming Soon

Jurassic Park: The Story of Buck and Boomer- Info Coming Soon

Jurassic Park: Nature of the Five Islands

Jurassic Park: The Battle for Survival- A prolonged dry season in the North of Isla Sorna has caused a drought, leading to disappearing water and dwindling food sources. Hunger brings about drastic measures when herbivores begin competing with one another for the same food while mid-sized to large carnivores including tyrannosaurs and other theropods desperately struggle to hunt as their favored prey items become scarce.

Jurassic Park: Gorgosaurus vs Megalosaurus- In the wilds of Isla Mantanceros, the predatory Gorgosaurus competes for food and territory with the equally dangerous Megalosaurus.

Jurassic Park: The Great Hunters- Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus are the central focus of this story as they rely on their natural killing tools to bring down many types of potential prey within their hunting grounds, all the while competing with various rivals and fighting their own kind for territory and mating rights.  

Jurassic Park: Raptor Battlefield- It's an all out battle of the packs as Velociraptor, Deinonychus and the huge Utahraptor compete with one another for the best hunting grounds in the North of Isla Sorna.

Jurassic Park: Enter! Canyon Rex- A never before seen Tyrannosaur species is observed in the mountainous environments of Isla Tacano.

Jurassic Park: Isla Muerta-  The prehistoric fauna of Isla Muerta are spotlighted in this story.

Jurassic Park: Mammals, Reptiles and Birds- It turns out that dinosaurs weren't the only prehistoric animals recreated by InGen. This documentary story will center around not just the dinosaurs, but also the other prehistoric fauna that live alongside them on Isla Sorna, Isla Tacano, Isla Muerta and Isla Pena.

Jurassic Park: The Isla Sorna Migration- The time of year has come for herds of sauropods, ceratopsians and many other herbivores to leave their natural habitats and embark on an annual migration to seek out new sources of food, water and nesting grounds. However, they must endure the dangers that lurk along the way, such as hungry carnivores.

Jurassic Park: Tyrannosaur Family Survival- A mother Tyrannosaurus must work to raise her four young alone after her mate is killed by a rogue male. But with the Edmontosaurus herd having migrated from her hunting grounds, she is forced into hunting different prey.

Jurassic Park: Carnivores of the Night- Ceratosaurus, Velociraptor and other mid-sized to small hunters are explored as they become adapted with hunting at night to avoid the bigger predators. 

More Coming Soon!
I was tagged by my good friend :iconxxmissqueeniexx:

It happened a long time ago, and I just now remembered it. XD

Anyway, time to get started.

1. Do you like to read books?

Yes I do, always. :aww:

2. Prefer living in the city or country?

I'd go with either one. :shrug:

3. If you were in a love triangle, would you choose your cute childhood friend or your crush?

Wow, that would be a tough one. I have yet to experience that. 

4. If you had $2, would you buy chips or candy?

Chips, they don't have any sugar in them. :D

5. What do you usually think of yourself?

I think of myself as just being a normal guy who's trying to move on in life. :)

6. Do you wish you could go back and stay being a little kid?

I used to, but not anymore. 

7. Rather be a artist or a writer?

Art isn't my strong point, I'm more of a writer at heart.

8. Are you nice or mean?

I'm nice 24/7, but I rarely get mean unless someone tests my patience.

9. Do you prefer cartoons or reality shows?

Cartoons as a kid, reality shows as a grown up.

10. If you were in a situation where you could only save a family member or a best friend, who would you choose?

I'd wanna save them both. Family and friends are the most important people in your life, no kidding.

I tag.....nobody.

I'm not really one to tag people, I just go along with this because I trust the people who tag me.
I came really close to building a relationship with a girl I knew in high school, only to discover today on Facebook that she recently found a boyfriend already. I'm happy for her, but at the same time I'm upset that I lost another potential love interest.

I don't understand.

:) When it comes to making friends, that works well for me. :grump: But when it comes to romance, I never even come close to experiencing any of it. It was upsetting enough that I got rejected by all my crushes during my school years, but the fact that I always get upstaged by other guys who get the girls I wanted is even more demeaning.

This is so frustrating. :fella:

Why is romance the only thing I'm missing out on, why can't I ever experience it? :depressed:
To all my friends and watchers, I must announce that I won't be on DA for quite some time. Starting November 1st, me and my parents are flying to San Diego, California for three weeks so that my mom can have an important surgery done.

During that time, I'll occasionally check in on my phone for updates.

But rest assured, I'll be back home on November 24th.

Wish me luck.
Hey everybody, MegaSpinosaur coming at you with another journal entry.

Anyway, I've been doing some voice recording on a site called Vocaroo, and more recently I did my own impression of a scene from King Asylus's fan film Godzilla vs Koopzilla

I messed up on some points, but I gave it a try. I have been thinking of voice acting for some time, in case you don't know.

Here it is:
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Lately I feel like my life on DA is full of inevitable disappointment. I'm just so depressed right now. :depressed:

I've hardly done anything for most of this month. I haven't even updated any of my stories like I said I would.

:sniff: I'm sorry everyone, I really am. I don't exactly know why I feel down all of a sudden, but I just do.

Until next time, see ya later.
  • Listening to: Music on YouTube
  • Reading: Fan Fiction
  • Watching: Two and A Half Men
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
I have no idea why, but I just feel upset for some reason.

Keep in mind this has nothing to do with any of my watchers or friends, it really doesn't.

I just wanted to let you all know.
That's right everybody, my birthday is coming on February 27th and I'm gonna be 23 years old.

Yay for me! :D
Thanks to :iconflare224:, after doing some thinking for a while, I got an idea to start a group dedicated to my crossover fan fiction series, Yoshi: Mobius Prime.

Here it is right here :iconyoshimobiusprime:

So if any of my friends and watchers are interested in joining, feel free to visit the page.

I just started it today, so I doubt anyone will automatically want to join the moment they see it. 

Anyway, I hope you like it. 

I'm trying really hard to keep this group running.
I have something you should all know about. Just recently today, I learned there's someone on Google+ who's been stealing Sonic art from this site, recoloring and posting it as her own.

Steaming Mad! This person thinks she can get away with it by disabling the comments on her page so no one can report her.

Here's the link:…

So I strongly advise that all Sonic artists here must be on guard. If you see a recolored picture of of your work, that means she'e been on your page.

Remember, stay aware and keep your art protected at all times.
I've gained up to 121 watchers in only one whole week. Plus, I've gotten more llamas from a lot of people.

:) (Smile) I just have to say that I'm so touched and grateful that there are people who like what I do.

To all my watchers, thank you so much.:D (Big Grin) 
This here is just a list that consists of the episodes I have planned for my series. Keep in mind that some of them will be multi-part episodes, with each one having a specific plot.


Episode 1: How It All Starts Part 1- During his day-off, Yoshi reminisces about how he met the Freedom Fighters and became their newest member.

Episode 2: How It All Starts Part 2- Continuing from Part 1, Yoshi meets and befriends the Chaotix while investigating a string of kidnappings around Mobius.

Episode 3: Good Sonar, Bad Sonar- Upon coming back from a mission, Sonar begins to display an unusual change in behavior. This goes unnoticed by everyone, except for Yoshi, Amy and Kerry. Could there be more to her than meets the eye?

Episode 4: Paging Dr. Sonar- After Yoshi accidentally injures himself during a run, Sonar forbids him from going anywhere until he's fully healed. In addition, she must also deal with his stubborn attempts to sneak out.

Episode 5: The Blackout- A massive power outage in Mobius leads the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix on a late night search as they try to find the source of the problem.

Episode 6: Trouble in Downunda-
 Sally sends Yoshi, Sonar, Tails and Amy on a mission to Downunda, where they must assist the Downunda Freedom Fighters in rescuing captured Mobians from the evil Crocbot and his forces.

Episode 7: Royal Protection Part 1- Princess Misha (my adopted OC), a friend of Sally's from a neighboring kingdom, arrives in town for a party being held by Sally's family. But when she gets targeted by Nack the Weasel and his gang, Yoshi is tasked with protecting her from danger. 

Episode 8: Royal Protection Part 2- Things begin to turn awkward for Yoshi when Princess Misha starts falling in love with him. However, he must work around the clock to save her after she gets kidnapped by Nack, who threatens to kill her if his demands are not met.

Episode 9: A Smashing Good Time- Yoshi visits his old hometown of Smash City, where he and Sonic reconnect with their old teammates, the Super Smash Brothers. But during his time there, he comes face to face with some old enemies.

Episode 10: The Dino and the Bat- Yoshi finds a rare diamond gemstone in the Great Forest during one of his nightly outings. This draws on the attention of Rouge the Bat, who wants the gemstone for herself. But Yoshi is not willing to give it up so easily.

Episode 11: The Big Swap- A mishap with Tails and Rotor's new invention causes Sonic and Yoshi to switch bodies. To further complicate things, Sonic has a date with Sonar on Friday evening. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 12: Cute and Cuddly Yoshi- Yoshi is turned into a chibi-like form after being exposed to a strange talisman he had found. Unfortunately, this also makes him automatically prone to being smothered and cuddled by nearly every girl who sees him, including some of his female friends.

Episode 13: Who Am I?- Yoshi ends up getting amnesia after suffering a blow to the head from a fallen tree branch, causing him to forget his identity and his friends. Even worse, Cassie the Cobra takes advantage by tricking Yoshi into thinking he's her boyfriend. Now Sonic and the others must rush to save him before it's too late.

Episode 14: Super Smash Attack Part 1- The Super Smash Brothers arrive in Mobius and begin wreaking havoc, bringing them into conflict with Sonic, Knuckles, the Freedom Fighters, the Wolf Pack and the Chaotix. A reluctant Yoshi is forced to fight his brainwashed former team when the situation worsens.

Episode 15: Super Smash Attack Part 2- As the battle rages on, Yoshi attempts to track down the true mastermind responsible for the madness.

Episode 16: The Shady Raptor- A mysterious gray raptor, calling himself Brezok, appears out of nowhere one day. A seemingly polite individual, he offers the Freedom Fighters his aid and technology, but Yoshi can't help but feel off around him...

Episode 17: Sonic Underground Part 1- Yoshi, Sonar and Kilam wake up to find themselves in an alternate version of Mobius that was conquered by Doctor Robotnik, the Eggman of this world. In addition, they also meet and team up with this world's Sonic and his two siblings Sonia and Manic. 

Episode 18: Sonic Underground Part 2-  Together with the hedgehog siblings, Yoshi and his teammates attempt to put a stop to Robotnik's plans and return to their own world.

Episode 19: The Passion of Amy Rose- After an argument with Sonar about Sonic causes her to storm out of Freedom HQ in jealousy, Amy meets a smooth talking guy who somehow charms his way into her heart. But the Chaotix suspect that he could be more than just an ordinary guy.

Episode 20: Paternal Instinct- Yoshi cares for an abandoned baby girl that he finds in an alley. But he must soon take action to protect the infant when a cannibal named Dennis the Alligator gets her in his sights.

Episodes 21: A Hyena's Laugh- Yoshi is in for the challenge of a lifetime when he crosses paths with a psychopathic hyena named Cackle. The stakes are raised even higher when the maniacal villain single handedly captures the Freedom Fighters and vandalizes Freedom HQ. With the Chaotix unavailable due to being on a mission, Yoshi must go alone to save his friends and put an end to Cackle's mayhem.

Episode 22: Attack of the Eggman Empire Part 1- The evil Doctor Eggman begins his ultimate plan to conquer the world by launching a full scale attack with his massive robot army. 

Episode 23: Attack of the Eggman Empire Part 2- Following the destruction of Freedom HQ, Sonic is horribly injured after being savagely beaten in a one on one battle with Eggman's new Egg Beater battle mech. With Sonic currently out of commission and their headquarters destroyed, the Freedom Fighters temporarily take up residence with the Chaotix.

Episode 24: Attack of the Eggman Empire Part 3-  As the attack rages on, Vector is knocked into to a coma by a bomb explosion while protecting a little boy from harm. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters, minus Sonic, plan out a counterattack against Eggman and his forces. In the long run, Yoshi comes face to face with his most powerful opponent yet.

Episode 25: Attack of the Eggman Empire Part 4-  Allies arise from all around to aid the heroes in their battle against Eggman's invading forces.

Episode 26: Attack of the Eggman Empire Part 5- As the ongoing battle nears its conclusion, Eggman unleashes his most powerful weapon of all time. 


To Be Continued

All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Yoshi belongs to Nintendo

Sonic and the official characters belong to Sega/Archie.

Sonar belongs to :iconsonar15:

Brezok belongs to :iconkrocken:

Princess Misha was created by :iconkimii-chuu: and adopted by me :iconmegaspinosaur:
Good news my friends and watchers.

First off I wanna say that I'm sorry to all those who have been waiting for the next update of my movie story Yoshi: Mobius Prime- Attack of The Eggman Empire. It's still going, just so you know. Plus, the rest of my previously planned story arcs have become movie stories as well.

To those who don't know, my series is set in an alternate universe of my own creation.

But also, after being inspired by :iconmixedfan8643: with his Heroes of Mobius series, which I wish was real, I've now been given an idea on how to better expand my series.

In addition to still working on Attack of The Eggman Empire, I'll be working on a sort of mainstream TV show-like series, meaning there will be episodes, with some of them being multi-part episodes.

As for the cast, you can see it in this journal I previously made:  Yoshi: Mobius Prime series- Voice castHere's the entire voice cast for my fan fic series. Yes, I'm well aware that this is not a real series, but if it were, this is how I'd imagine the cast. Basically I just put my Heroes and Villains Voice Cast lists together in the journal.
If anyone's interested in wanting their OCs to be part of the cast, just let me know anytime.
Freedom Fighters:
Yoshi (my version): :iconmegaspinosaur: (me)
Sonic: Jason Griffith
Tails: Kate Higgins 
Sally: Kath Soucie
Amy: Cindy Robinson (Sonic Boom voice)
Fiona: Ashley Johnson
Bunnie: Christine Cavanaugh
Antoine: Rob Paulsen
Rotor: Rino Romano
Kilam (my OC): Josh Keaton
Sonar: :iconsonar15: (her creator)
Kerry: :iconxcherishedmemoriesx: (her creator)
Vector: Keith Silverstein
Espio: David Wills
Charmy: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Kimmy (my OC): Laura Bailey, Tara Strong (as a child)
Stacy (my OC): Colleen O'Shaughnessey 
Jessica (my OC): Stephanie Sheh
Rodney (my OC): Christopher Daniel Barnes
Darris (my OC):

I should point out that despite the namesake, Yoshi (my version) will not be focused on entirely, the spotlight will be available to all the characters, including Sonic of course.

I'm thinking of using music for the intro and ending

I might use one of two songs for the intro:

Number 1- Feeling by Big Bang from the Transformers Prime Japanese opening: 

Number 2- It Doesn't Matter by Tony Harnell from Sonic Adventure 2: 

For the ending I might use- Diamond in the Sky from Sonic R: 
Or maybe I might use- The main theme from Sonic Mega Collection: 
Then again, I may use this one- Can You Feel The Sunshine from Sonic R: 
I may come to a choice at some point in time. Anyway, tune in for my series real soon. I know using music for a story is weird, but I just wanted to.
Tagged by :iconflare224:

1. Each person must share 10 things about them. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. 
3. Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal.

1. I am an aspiring story writer who works on fan fiction.
2. I'm a huge fan of Marvel, DC, Sonic, Mario, Super Smash Brothers,Godzilla, etc.
3. I like to study and do research about dinosaurs and other kinds of prehistoric life.
4. I love listening to all kinds of music.
5. I enjoy going out and meeting new people.
6. Role-Playing is one of my favorite things to do on DA.
7. I also watch videos on YouTube.
8. I have five game consoles.
9. I've been a member on DA for about 3 years now.
10. This is my first try at doing a tagged journal.

QUESTIONS ASKED BY :iconflare224:

1.) What's your favorite music artist?

I don't really have any preferences.

2.) If you could be any Pokemon (except legendaries of course), what would you be and why?

I'd be a a Charizard because it would be so awesome to go flying through the air, fighting other Pokemon and so on.

3.) Sing part of a song! XD

I'd rather not.Sweating a little... 

4.) What are your top 5 favorite fandom ships? (Can be any ship weather it is OCxOC, etc.)

Sonic x Amy, Shadow x Rouge, Knuckles x Shade, Vector x Vanilla, Silver x Blaze

5.) Have you heard of Your OC Sucks?

No I haven't because I do my best to make my OCs acceptable.

6.) What Vocaloid song is your favorite? (I like Rin Kagamine's "I Love You, I Like You" ^-^)

I don't really have one.

7.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Super Strength
8.) Have you seen my Youtube Channel? :please: 

Not yet.
9.) How many OCs do you have?? (Any fandom)

I've got a ton of Sonic based OCs, along with some of my own original creations.

10.) Um......want a cookie? (Totally not poisoned. XD)

Sure XD.
Hello everyone, MegaSpinosaur here with yet another journal entry.

The reason for this one is because I recently read a journal made by :iconsonicwindattack: which talks about the very little attention that most Sonic OCs/FCs are receiving nowadays.

Every so often I've noticed that there are plenty of DA members who make Sonic fan characters based on their own ideas and imagination. Yet sadly, many of them don't receive any praise or recognition.

Like for example, I've seen Sonic characters whose creators have worked hard to make them acceptable in the fandom without making them too powerful or over-exaggerated, as in characters who have backstories, strengths and weaknesses, those are the kinds of characters that people should like.

But mostly I always see a bunch of Sonic characters who are way way too overdone, and by that I mean characters who are apparently so powerful that they have no weaknesses and no one can beat them. Surprisingly a lot of people don't mind these characters, I on the other hand just tolerate them to a degree.

Lately I myself have been trying all I can to make characters that people would like and accept for who they are.

But did I get any good comments on them? 

Nope. None, not one word of recognition or a positive response.

Here's an example of a character I made: Sonic OC: Rodney the Gecko (in color) by MegaSpinosaurRodney the Gecko

This is one of my most recently created Sonic characters which I worked really hard on. I gave him a backstory, strengths and weaknesses, I did whatever was possible in order to keep him as a stable character. But as I may have expected, no one's even let me know what they think of him, despite all my hard work.

The point I'm trying to get across is that apparently a lot of stable Sonic fan characters, like mine or anyone else's are unofficially considered to be *Underdogs*, as in characters who hardly get any appreciation for what they do or who they are, and they often get passed over for more better and well known characters.

With the huge lack of interest in my characters, coupled with how I'm rarely taken seriously for my originality, there are times where I feel like giving up and leaving this site.

But thanks to the kindness and support of my friends and watchers, as well as my DA sis, :iconsonar15:, I've managed to maintain my composure and keep on trying.

So to all the Sonic fans whose characters are not recognized for their originality, please help spread the word about #SonicUnderdogs.

We need a way for our unappreciated characters to be seen by others, including many other fellow Sonic fans.
One of my friends and watchers, :iconvortexlegacy:, has taken a leave of absence from DeviantArt for who knows how long. Apparently some loudmouthed idiots have taken it upon themselves to torment her by stealing one of her pictures off her page and crudely editing it for their own twisted amusement.

The moment I learned of this, I felt really sorry for her having to go through such a horrible experience. Because of those whack jobs, she's gone. 

I'm not gonna bother with identifying the people who did this because I don't want them targeting me in retaliation. Steaming Mad! I am PISSED OFF! But it really just ticks me off that they would hurt such a great artist like her.

:( (Sad) I'm really gonna miss her. I hope she eventually comes back.
After doing some thinking, I've decided I'm gonna start trying my luck at doing some adoptable characters.

I don't know when though, but I'll be sure to do it. However, I'll only be doing Sonic adopts, nothing else.

While I doubt anyone will be interested, I'll still try. 
As the title says, you can feel free to ask questions and have them answered by:

Yoshi (my version):Yoshi (My Version) *in color* by MegaSpinosaur

and of course, Sonic:Sonic by ss2sonic

Ask any questions and they'll be answered, I promise.

Yoshi belongs to :iconnintendo:

Sonic belongs to Sega